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e2 Young Engineers – COTE D’IVOIRE

young engineersWelcome to e² Young Engineers  COTE D’IVOIRE website.

Our community represents children who participate in our unique education programs. Our sessions provide theoretical knowledge and practical implementation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) basics through the use of K’nex®, Engino® and LEGO® bricks.

We are proud to introduce you to our fun and fulfilling methods of teaching and learning. Enjoy.

Our edutainment method has been created by e² Young Engineers’ CEO & Founder Mr. Amir Asor.

Asor, 29, who is a BA graduate in Computer Science & Economics, had learning disorders as a child. A few years ago, after volunteering as a paramedic in emergency rooms in many hospitals, Asor started to develop the basic idea behind Young Engineers. It was based on the principle of providing personal care and attention to every individual need in a large group of patients.

As a result of this experience, Asor  understood  that a teacher in a class using only one method, without allowing every child to utilize their own individual learning style, has much in common with a doctor who enters a ward declare: “Today everybody gets a flu shot!”. Obviously, each patient has their own needs, and so does every student.

Eventually, one brave business decision along with personal experiences gave Asor the privilege of creating the Young Engineers Curricula, which every child can understand, enjoy and learn from.





Young Engineers Abidjan Cote D'ivoire